Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R Tires

Summer Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire.


  • Optimised tread compound with multiple resins
  • Wide tread with flat contour for an extra wide contact with the road surface
  • 3D design grooves
  • Specific rear axle tyres with extra circumferential groove, a low air-ratio and adjusted belt angle
  • Tread and sidewall designed by Giugiaro
  • Asymmetrical tread
  • 30 Day Trial Period
  • Road Hazard Replacement Program


  • Maintains grip at higher tyre temperatures
  • Excellent traction, grip and stability
  • Enhanced braking and lower sound production
  • Optimised balance between front and rear axle for increased grip and cooling
  • Unique and sporty look
  • Stable shoulder blocks for more traction on extreme bends


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