Vredestein Quatrac 3 Tires

Ultimate Four-Season Tire. The ideal alternative for motorists in a temperate climate who want to drive all year round on the same type of tire.


  • Low air ratio and small number of sipes (summer side)
  • Open tread structure featuring undulating sipes (winter side)
  • Three central longitudinal grooves
  • Sophisticated construction and tread design
  • Bears regular M&S code and snowflake symbol
  • Rim protection (from 55 series and below)


  • Optimal contact with the road surface and alert steering response
  • Perfect grip and high discharge capacity on snow and ice
  • Maximum water dispersion to prevent aquaplaning
  • Low noise level that complies with the latest EU directives
  • Complies with the requirements for official designation as a winter tire
  • Protection for light metal rim edges


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