Roadmaster Rm180 EM Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. SmartWay Verified Medium-Duty Truck Long Haul Steer tire.


  • Modern highway tread pattern with optimized footprint shape
  • Decoupling grooves
  • Evolving groove shape
  • Micro sipes on groove edges
  • EPA SmartWay Verified for low rolling resistance
  • Roadmaster All-Steel Radial Truck Tire Limited Warranty


  • Computer designed tread pattern and footprint shape providing even wear and minimized strain energy density
  • Resist uneven shoulder wear in long haul applications
  • As the tread wears down, the groove shape changes to maintain traction throughout the life of the tread
  • Provide enhanced traction in wet road conditions and resists "river wear"
  • For fuel efficiency


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