Alliance 643 Forestar III Ls-2 Tires

Agricultural Bias LS-2 Forestry tire Engineered for Forwarders and Harvesters Both With or Without Boogie Tracks.


  • Wide footprint
  • Improved heavier nylon construction and special steel belts
  • Reinforced hexagonal bead technology
  • Flat tire profile and horizontal grooves
  • Wider lugs at shoulder
  • Curb rib design, unique shoulder buttress design and inner lugs around the shoulder


  • Offers enhanced driver comfort
  • Ensure high load carrying capacity and excellent puncture resistance
  • Prevents rim slippage and bead failure
  • Specifically designed for unparalleled track grip
  • Provide extra support to track paws and enhance overall stability
  • Contribute to increased protection against side impacts and cracks as well as increasing puncture and penetration resistance


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